Wine Barrel Liners

Wine Barrel Liners
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Fits most wine barrels. New reinforced design for use in barrels or can be used as a stand-alone container. Great for taking fish indoors in the wintertime.


  • Outside Dia. 29" (outer lip to outer lip)
  • Inside Dia. 24.5"
  • Bottom Dia. 21"
  • Height 13.5"

Available with or without Cascade

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Item   Description Price Order
WNBL Barrel Liner W/out Cascade $ 29.99 C a l l
WNBLS Wine Barrel Liner W/Cascade $ 32.99 C a l l

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Whiskey Barrel Liners are ideal for large lotus or creating container gardens. Measurements: Outside Dia. 26" (outer lip to outer lip) Inside Dia. 21.5" Bottom Dia. 17.5" Height 15" Available with or without cascade