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Pond Construction and Design

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Specialist in Pond Design and Construction

If you dream of having a beautiful pond in your garden or business premises, San Diego Pond and Garden can design and construct if from from start to finish. Our team incorporates specialist builders and landscapers who are experts in garden pond construction. Our pond construction team are not simply everyday builders; they are craftsmen who have very specific experience and expertise in the construction of ponds and aquatic environments, and they work exclusively on pond construction projects.

Pond Design Services

If you like the idea of having a pond, stream or waterfall in your garden but do not know where to start, then we can help. At San Diego Pond and Garden we can design a solution that fits your garden while working with you and involving you every step of the design process.


Cascades are created by placing larger rocks at the bottom of the fall, slowly grading up to smaller rocks at the top. With no header stone, the water then simply pours over the rocks to create the perfect cascade. Please note a good size pump is needed for this effect unless you cement and seal all the rocks to avoid water spillage behind the rocks.


Streams can add a whole new dimension to your garden landscape. The sound of the moving water is very relaxing and sets the mood for your garden pond. One of the biggest selling points for many people when they purchase a pond, is the wildlife it will attract to their yard! A pond alone will attract birds, but a stream and a pond will really encourage birds to flock to a property. Shallow, flowing water is a favorite place for birds to bathe. Streams add the dimension of motion which gives your landscape a life of its own. They are also very important in cultivating and encouraging wildlife to develop. One benefit a stream provides is added filtration. Water flowing over gravel is a natural filtering process. The highly oxygenated water flowing over the gravel supports large numbers of beneficial bacteria.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a specialist build, as they often require complex design complete with skimmers and built in bottom drains. Some larger Koi ponds are constructed from concrete blocks rendered, then thuro-sealed for optimum strength and solid waterproofing using a two part epoxy. But the vast majority of ponds are designed and constructed with Firestone's 45ml EPDM liner. Just as important, is investing in reliable pumps, quality filter system (to match the pool size) and always a recommended ultra violet system for water clarity and also to ensure the overall health of the ecosystem. It is very important to check your budget before considering the installation of a Koi pond, Koi are quite easy to keep, once everything is set up properly.