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Air Hose

Air Hose
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Self Weighted PVC Air Hose is different than most PVC air hose because it remains anchored to the bottom of the lake or pond by it's own weight, even when filled with air.

The design is ideal for lake and pond aeration and, because it remains on the bottom of your pond or lake, it does not float around in the middle of the water.

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Item   Description Price Order
10316C 3/16-in. X 100' Air Hose Non-Weighted Clear $ 18.00 C a l l
WAH38 38in X 100' Weighted Air Hose $ 124.99 C a l l
WAH58 5/8-in. X 100' Weighted Air Hose $ 176.99 C a l l
WAH12 1/2-in. X 100' Weighted Air Hose $ 180.00 C a l l
WAH34 3/4-in. X 100' Weighted Air Hose $ 259.99 C a l l