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Pond Liners

Pond Liners

If you are delaying building a pond because it looks difficult, then think again. We have a range of pond liners that are designed to make it easy. Our top quality flexible liners allow you to make a pond as unique as you can imagine.

Why do I need a pond liner?
Since most soil is unable to hold water, a pond needs to be lined in order to prevent water from escaping. Ponds can be built using concrete, but concrete is expensive, tends to leak over time, and can be very hard work. A liner allows you to build a pond without using concrete.

What sort of pond liners are available?
There are two basic pond liners:

We Feature Firestone PondGard Liners - Firestone PondGard rubber liners are the best EPDM liners on the market! Choose from custom-cut, pre-boxed, or rolled liner materials.