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Submersible Filters

Submersible Filters
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PondMaster Submersible Filters:

  • The Filter System eliminates suspended particles from below the water surface.
  • Hooks the intake of most pumps equipped with an intake.
  • The Filter System eliminates suspended particles from below the water surface
  • Coarse polyester media provides mechanical filtration (included)
  • Carbon media provides Chemical filtration (included)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No Liner Cutting, or Major Pond Alterations Necessary
  • Convenient Handle for Taking Filter Out of Water
  • In Pond Use Only
  • Filter Rests on Bottom of Pond

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Item   Description Price Order
02211 PondMaster 1000 12-in. X 12-in. Filter Box $ 79.98 C a l l
02200 PondMaster 2000 12-in. X 24-in. Filter Box $ 129.98 C a l l
12202 Carbon & Coarse For PM1000 & PM2000 $ 15.75 C a l l
12203 Carbon Pad For PM1000 & PM2000 $ 7.50 C a l l
12204 Coarse Pad For PM1000 & PM2000 $ 9.99 C a l l

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