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Ultra Balance

Ultra Balance
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ULTRA BALANCE PREMIUM KOI diets This premium color-enhancing diet provides optimum levels of digestible protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. It includes the essential amino acids for the overall growth, health, and performance of your Koi when fed as directed. Formulated for water temperatures 64°F (18°C) and above. Features White Fish Meal – High quality protein and amino acid source to promote growth & health. Carotenoids - (Natural Color Enhancers) • Spirulina (Pacifica) – single most effective natural pigmentation source. • Krill (Shrimp Meal) – Natural source of B-Carotene & Astaxanthin for red pigment. • Alfalfa Meal – Natural source of yellow pigment. Essential Amino Acids – Including Taurine; for optimum growth, health & performance of Koi. Exclusive Vitamin & Mineral Pack – Includes Vitamin A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin, Choline & Folic Acid. Stay C (Stabilized Vitamin C) – Maintains immune system for increased disease resistance. Diamond V Yeast – Stimulates overall immune response and improves digestibility. No Artificial Colors or Dyes Extruded floating pellets – Maintain water clarity for the enjoyment of your pond. Guaranteed Quality & Freshness – Re-sealable foil packaging (available in 20oz, 5 lb & 22 lb sizes). Made in the USA – No ingredients from China. Available in Medium & Large Pellets: • Medium pellet is approx. 4.5 mm • Large pellet is approx. 5.5 to 6 mm Feeding Directions Feed small quantities of food 2 to 4 times per day in which your fish will readily consume in 5 minutes. To maintain good water quality, remove any unconsumed food. For best results, adjust feed quantity and frequency accordingly to water temperature, quality, and activity level of your fish. Do not feed when water temperature is below 41°F (5°C). Avoid overfeeding. For water temperatures below 64°F (18°C) try our Ultra Balance Premium Wheat Germ Diet. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein Not less than 35.00 PCT Crude Fat Not less than 4.00 PCT Crude Fiber Not more than 5.00 PCT Ash Not more than 9.50 PCT Calcium (Ca) Not less than 1.75 PCT Calcium (Ca) Not more than 2.14 PCT Phosphorous Not less than 1.32 PCT Sodium Not more than 0.19 PCT

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Item   Description Price Order
UBAS20M 20oz. Ultra Balance Growth Formula $ 10.99 C a l l
UBWG20M 20oz. Ultra Balance Maintenance Formula $ 12.99 C a l l
UBAS05M 5lb. Ultra Balance Growth Formula $ 22.99 C a l l
UBWG05M 5lb. Ultra Balance Maintenance Formula $ 23.99 C a l l
UBAS22M 22lb. Ultra Balance Growth Formula $ 67.99 C a l l
UBWG22M 22lb. Ultra Balance Maintenance Formula $ 76.99 C a l l
UBAS40M 40lb. Ultra Balance Growth Formula $ 101.99 C a l l
UBWG40M 40lb. Ultra Balance Maintenance Formula $ 116.99 C a l l

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