This is my go-to pond store despite there being another store much closer to me.  I buy the basics: Koi food and test equipment.   I go to this store to get my koi and pond related questions answered the staff has always taken the time to help me out with issues I have had.  The owner actually gave me some great advice about roots invading my pond and suggested a less expensive solution than hiring his team (a problem which he was willing to take on if I wanted to spend more money than necessary).  The store has also hosted San Diego Koi Club meetings - a great show of support for koi hobbyists - and gives a Koi Club member discount.

We just started using San Diego Pond and Garden. I'm 70 years young and I live in Scripps Ranch in a condo with my wife. We have a small backyard with a waterfall and stream. We love sitting in our backyard having dinner, a glass of wine or some coffee and we needed some upgrades to our system. I contacted San Diego Pond and Garden to do the work and I couldn't be any more satisfied with the job. Justin McIntosh came to our home to do the work and was very professional, friendly, courteous and he did the job quickly and correctly the first time. I would recommend SDP&G and Justin to anyone with a water feature. The prices are fair and the work is done with TLC. We have had Justin upgrade our lighting and added a remote lighting unit that is fun to use (very trick), and now we can turn on our outdoor lights from inside our home, it's so cool.  Justin added natural rock around the lights that project onto the waterfall so you can't see the fixtures and put pen lights into the stream ( you can't see any wires). We are having Justin back out next  week to do some more upgrading. This company has integrity and they do what they say they will do in a timely, prompt, friendly, fair priced way. I just can't say enough good things about my experience with Justin and SDP&G. Please give them a chance to bid your jobs, you will not be disappointed and remember I don't usually do reviews or recommend work to be done by a particular company, but this local business is worth checking out.

Went there today to buy some plants for my latest landscaping endeavor- a garden pond!!! I forced my boyfriend to install this thing for me on a whim: my front yard is boring- square patch of green sod, blaa blaa blaa. I wanted something EXCITING!!! I wanted something DIFFERENT!!! I wanted a badass pond that would make all my neighbors jealous!!!!

Gave the water a few days to stabilize, or do whatever it is that water is supposed to do....did a little research online, and although this place is quite a trek from Spring Valley, I decided to go and let me tell you: TOTALLY worth the drive!!!

If you go there for no other reason than to see all the Koi, it is worth it. They helped me pick out some pretty awesome plants, and didn't try to upsell me. I really appreciated that.....when it comes to ponds, I'm **clueless** and these people could have sold me some waterlogged daffodils and I would have been none the wiser. I left with a nice little variety of pond plants (don't ask me what they of them is a poppy, and the rest I forgot the names of) and the warm fuzzies. Will definitely be back. :)

We've been here a few times trying to make our pond healthier for our Koi.Steven ,Kate and Steve the owner have always been very informative and all have a genuine desire to point you in the right direction.We didn't realize how much work it could be to  look after the Koi pond we inherited when we moved into our current address over two years ago.We've upgraded the filter,the pump and added a uv sterilizer/clarifier plus various pond water chemical treatments.Anytime we have had a problem with anything we have called anyone of these guys and they have been more than happy to help us find a solution.....not one of them tried to get rid of us in a hurry.I know we can get cheaper prices on the internet for some of the major items we've bought here but how do you put a price on a friendly,helpful person on the other end of the phone who remembers you when you have to ring about a problem and who walks you though it until it is rectified?That's service with a capital S.Thanks Steven.

What great service.  Prompt, professional and courteous.  We were very pleased with the staff at San Diego Pond and Garden. Our Pond Looks Great now!

I want to let you know that San Diego Pond and Garden came to my home and did a fantastic job with my pond. I had the pond build when I had my garden remodeled six years ago. From day one the pond had problems with algae and in the end it was one big green mess and it smelled. No matter how much chemicals or water hyacinths I put it, it was never clean. I spent hundreds of dollars on both. I finally emptied the pond and its been that way for three years, until I found San Diego Pond and Garden.

Steve came to my home for a consultation and explained why the water was never clean. The pump needed to be moved over to get all the water circulating. He also explained that a UV filter would help. Steve’s assistant, Justin, came out and did the work in less time than estimated and did a beautiful job. He even hid a cord that was visible since the pond was built. The plants they selected are a nice variety and the gold fish are thriving.

All in all, I am extremely happy with the work and the pond is beautiful.

Thank you to the entire staff at San Diego Pond and Garden.

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you for the work that San Diego Pond and Garden did to transform my backyard bank into a beautiful backyard scenery including my waterfall oasis which is my favorite feature! Your team was always professional and courteous and are true artists! I look forward to hopefully providing some future referrals.

Thanks again! The Price Family