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Hikari Ultimate

Hikari Ultimate
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Ultimate® is the world's first full-function water conditioner. With everything you need in one bottle to maintain a superior environment for your aquatic pets. For new setups Ultimate® instantly "ages" water allowing you to enjoy your pets in action quicker without fear of the negative impact of toxic chloramine, ammonia, chlorine, heavy metals or nitrite.

Key Benefits

  • Destroys Chloramines
  • Removes Ammonia
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Detoxifies Nitrite
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals (including Copper)
  • Adds Essential Electrolytes
  • Boosts Alkalinity
  • Replaces Skin Slime-Coat
  • Reduces Fish Stress
  • Instantly "Ages" Water
  • Makes A Safe Environment For Your Aquatic Pets
  • Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life

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Item   Description Price Order
72336 Ultimate Liquid 16 oz. Treats 960 gals. $ 11.50 C a l l
72337 Ultimate Liquid 1/2 gal. Treats 3840 gals. $ 36.25 C a l l
72338 Ultimate Liquid 1 gal. Treats 7680 gals. $ 59.99 C a l l
72239 Ultimate Liquid 5 gal. Treats 38400 gals. $ 228.99 C a l l

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