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Round Matala Media.

Round Matala Media.
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Round Matala is the perfect "drop in" media for vortex filters and barrel filters. Round Matala has the same qualities as the sheets of Matala in a coiled pre-cut cartridge.

Simply select the diameter roll and the density you need for your round tank and drop it in. Round Matala will naturally wedge in place without any need for support. Four sequential densities can be perfectly employed to achieve maximum solids/biofiltration.

Each roll is 6 inches thick with a tremendous potential to trap dirt, and yet is super easy to clean. The open structure of the media provides excellent flow-through without channeling. Since most round tanks are also rather tall you can stratify Matala in sequential layers to make best use of the chamber.

Available in 4 densities as follows;

  • Black = 64sf/cf
  • Green = 96sf/cf
  • Blue = 124sf/cf
  • Gray = 171sf/cf

Available in many diameters as noted below.

We are currently updating our prices, so all may not be accurate. Please call to confirm.

Item   Description Price Order
R22BLK Round Matala Black Coarse 22-in. $ 53.98 C a l l
R22GRN Round Matala Green Medium 22-in. $ 56.98 C a l l
R22BLU Round Matala Blue Dense 22-in. $ 59.99 C a l l
R24BLK Round Matala Black Coarse 24-in. $ 64.98 C a l l
R22GRY Round Matala Grey Very Dense 22-in. $ 65.59 C a l l
R24GRN Round Matala Green Medium 24-in. $ 69.99 C a l l
R24BLU Round Matala Blue Dense 24-in. $ 77.98 C a l l
R37BLK Round Matala Black Coarse 37-in. $ 153.98 C a l l
R37GRN Round Matala Green Medium 37-in. $ 179.98 C a l l
R37BLU Round Matala Blue Dense 37-in. $ 184.98 C a l l

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