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PondCare Stress Coat

PondCare Stress Coat
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Removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water. Replaces the natural slime coat of fish, helps heal wounds and reduces fish stress.

How Stress Coat works
Stress Coat contains a special polymer that is attracted to the skin of the fish, forming a synthetic slime coat envelope. Stress Coat also contains electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and chloride, which helps reduce loss of electrolytes through the skin and damaged tissue.

The Aloe Vera in Stress Coat reduces inflammation of damaged fish tissue. Independent studies have proven that Stress Coat with Aloe Vera aids in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. In addition, Stress Coat removes chlorine, breaks the chloramine bond, and detoxifies heavy metals from tap water.

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Item   Description Price Order
AP140B Stress Coat 16 oz. Treats 1920 gals. $ 13.49 C a l l
AP140G Stress Coat 32 oz. Treats 3840 gals. $ 24.99 C a l l
AP140D Stress Coat 64 oz. Treats 7680 gals. $ 39.99 C a l l
AP140C Stress Coat 1 gal. Treats 15360 gals. $ 69.21 C a l l

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