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PondMaster Skimmer Pump

PondMaster Skimmer Pump
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The Pondmaster Skimmer pump is a compact pump with Hy-Drive technology that is suitable for pond skimmers. This submersible pump is designed to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filters, waterfalls, streams or fountain. The compact size allows it to fit in nearly all skimmers.

Comes with a detachable debris screen

Accepts 1.5" Pipe

Three year manufacturer warranty

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Item   Description Price Order
20350 Pondmaster Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump 1400 GPH $ 209.98 C a l l
20355 Pondmaster Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump 2550 GPH $ 230.98 C a l l
20360 Pondmaster Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump 5100 GPH $ 296.98 C a l l
20365 Pondmaster Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump 6600 GPH $ 330.98 C a l l

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