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Pond Filters

Pond Filters
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The PondMax Pressure Filters provides a smart and efficient solution for new or existing water features.

  • Compact and effective
  • Simple Installation
  • Multiple fittings to adapt to various tubing sizes
  • Low Maintenance with cleaning indicator
  • Operational Ultraviolet Clarifier

We are currently updating our prices, so all may not be accurate. Please call to confirm.

Item   Description Price Order
23PE284 PF1200 Filter $ 284.98 C a l l
23PE285 PF2400 Filter $ 319.98 C a l l
23PE280 PF1200UV Filter $ 324.98 C a l l
23PE281 PF2400UV Filter $ 399.98 C a l l
23PE286 PF3600 Filter $ 419.98 C a l l
23PE282 PF3600UV Filter $ 499.98 C a l l

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PondMax Pressure Filter Replacement Parts

PondMax Pressure Filter Replacement Parts

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