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PondMax Accessories

PondMax Accessories
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PondMax has a wide range of accessories for your watergarden lighting needs. From 3 way splitters to extentnion cables. Also in the range PondMax has wireless dimmer controller w/remote for Warm LED PondMax lights only. Color Changers already have a dimmer function built in.

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Item   Description Price Order
24ST030 3-Way Cable Splitter $ 11.98 C a l l
24ST430 Photocell Light Sensor $ 22.98 C a l l
24ST016 24 Watt Transformer $ 39.98 C a l l
24ST017 36 Watt Transformer $ 44.98 C a l l
24ST033 60 Watt Transformer $ 64.98 C a l l

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The PondMax Pond & Garden Lighting provides safety, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, while adding value and security to either your pond or garden. With different options and sizes available, each fixture provides endless versatility to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.