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No-Niche Skimmer

No-Niche Skimmer
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No-Nich Skimmer

The skimmer that operates without a Niche. With 360 degrees of skimming, one of the most efficient skimmers available. Allows opening of the main drain

Large skimmer basket collects more debris without clogging. Constructed from ABS plastic for strength and durability. Easily adapts to a manual vacuum system.

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Item   Description Price Order
NNS112 No-Niche Skimmer 1-1/2-in. Black 35-55 gph $ 84.75 C a l l
B13B Replacement Basket For NNS112 $ 29.99 C a l l
B38B Replacement Floating Sleeve For NNS112 $ 26.11 C a l l

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