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True Union Check Valves (PVC)

True Union Check Valves (PVC)
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In general, True Union Swing Check Valves offer many advantages when contrasted with other valve types. They provide superior ease of operation and can maintain and regulate high volume, high pressure and high temperature flow.

Most true union swing check valves offer rugged construction providing for a long service life, and a comparably low cost.

Additionally, the design of the regulating element allows the valve to function without the complications of side loads, typical of butterfly or globe valves, and the valve design permits inspection and repair of seats and seals without removing the valves’ body from the line.

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Item   Description Price Order
TUCV112 1-1/2-in. True Union Check Valve S x S $ 25.99 C a l l
TUCV112C 1-1/2-in. True Union Check Valve Clear $ 31.98 C a l l
TUCV200 2-in. True Union Check Valve S x S $ 34.98 C a l l
TUCV200C 2-in. True Union Check Valve Clear $ 46.98 C a l l
TUCV300 3-in. True Union Check Valve S x S $ 79.98 C a l l
TUCV300C 3-in. True Union Check Valve Clear $ 89.98 C a l l
TUCV400 4-in. True Union Check Valve S x S $ 109.98 C a l l
TUCV400C 4-in. True Union Check Valve Clear $ 119.98 C a l l

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