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Bioflow Media

Bioflow Media
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Bio-Filter Media is a polypropylene and calcium carbonate ribbon.

The embossed diamond pattern creates millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop bacteria.

Easy to use and maintain, inexpensive, and resists channeling, clogging, and compaction in up-flow and horizontal flow environments.

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Item   Description Price Order
BF9M Bioflow 9 Media 3/8-in. Floating 1 Cubic Ft. (Kaldnes Style) $ 79.98 C a l l
BF40M Bioflow 40 Media 1 1/2-in. Floating 1 Cubic Ft. $ 89.98 C a l l

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Ultra Biomedia

Ultra Biomedia

Ultra Bio-Media is a filtration media with very high bio-film surface and offers superior bacterial adhesion and colonization. Features: Excellent flow through within the media.