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Ultra Biomedia

Ultra Biomedia
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Ultra Bio-Media is a filtration media with very high bio-film surface and offers superior bacterial adhesion and colonization.


  • Excellent flow through within the media.
  • Patented "Y" Shaped media.
  • Premier choice for biological filtration.
  • Similar to Aqua Ultima Filter media but not the same.

Ultra Bio-Media is made by Aqua Ultraviolet and comes in a 12" x 12" x 12" Box - 8lbs of media

We are currently updating our prices, so all may not be accurate. Please call to confirm.

Item   Description Price Order
A70011 Ultra Biomedia 8 Lb. (Approx. 1 Cubic Ft.) $ 59.99 C a l l
A70011B Ultra Biomedia 225 Lb. Bulk Box $ 1241.20 C a l l

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