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PondMaster AP Series Air Pumps

PondMaster AP Series Air Pumps
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The Pondmaster® AP-Series air pumps have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a multitude of water-related application.

These beautifully designed, environmentally friendly pumps can be used for:

  • Oxygenating Outdoor Ponds and Water Gardens
  • De-Icing Outdoor Installations During Harsh Winters
  • Oxygenating Indoor Water Features
  • Aerating Single or Multiple Aquarium or Terrarium Tanks
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

All PondMaster AP-Series air pumps operate on standard 110V electric and come with 6’ power cords. They have been designed to operate efficiently with a motor that is non-oil lubricated. For outdoor applications, it is recommended that the water resistant ABS plastic unit be enclosed with allowance for air circulation to protect it from the elements.

We are currently updating our prices, so all may not be accurate. Please call to confirm.

Item   Description Price Order
04520 AP-20 With Manifold 1700 $ 114.99 C a l l
04540 AP-40 With Manifold 2900 $ 150.99 C a l l
04560 AP-60 With Manifold 5500 $ 187.99 C a l l
04580 AP-100 With Manifold 9150 $ 235.99 C a l l

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There are no parts that need lubrication. The integrated air filter requires periodic cleaning. See photo for proper procedure. To clean the filter media, remove the air filter cover. Extract the filter media from the pump and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Replace media into the empty filter cavity, replace the air filter cover ...